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Poet’s Pacific paradise: Pablo Neruda’s homes in Chile

As a new film about Pablo Neruda gets a UK release, we visit two of the Pacific-facing homes where the poet found inspiration: Isla Negra and the ‘crazy port’ of Valparaíso

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canary in the coal mine Venezuala is in trouble

Asylum applications – canary in the coal mine

With the Venezuela elections and other pending elections throughout Latin America, the spotlight is on the numerous challenges facing the region.  To see the ripple effect of instability one need look no further than asylum applications and immigration numbers to see which countries are in the most trouble.

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Mexico Elections: Facing challenges in 2018

Latin America and specifically the Mexico elections face numerous challenges in 2018. Like the United States and the much publicized "fake news" phenomena, the issue is a global one and all countries are battling against disruptions in their systems.

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Portada Miami | April 18-19 2018

The 10th annual edition of Portada Miami (April 18-19 2018) to discuss how brands across the Americas are taking back control.

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The Rise of latino food culture in the U.S.

Last week was National Taco Day and the Internet went crazy with expressing their love for tacos. Restaurants, fast-food chains, and shops jumped on taco deals, including non-exclusively Latino restaurants such as Red Robin, which created a new burger-taco mashup. T

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