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Hispanic Health Insurance Roulette

Health Insurance for the Hispanic | Latino Segment
As health insurance companies as well as government health exchanges compete across the country for enrollment, multicultural and specifically the Hispanic audience is key

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Hispanic Voters Take Over

32 Million Eligible Hispanic Voters for 2020 - making this group potentially the most influential racial or ethnic minority group in the electorate.

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The Quest for Latino Voters – game on!

The 2020 Quest for the 2020 Latino voters has begun. Will the next President of. the United States speak Spanish? With Hispanic eligible voters expected to be over 30 million, the candidates and parties know that multicultural voters (especially Latino voters) are key..

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The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

The 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup is the eighth edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup,  For the current match, a total of 24 teams qualified for the final tournament.

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Political Outreach to Hispanic Voters – HELP

Presidential candidates showing ineptitude in reaching out to Hispanic voters.Reaching Hispanics in language can have numerous pitfalls that even pose a challenge for native Spanish speakers, but the errors being made by political candidates for the top job in the U.S. is an impressive show of laziness.

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Latino participation in winter sports

While the ski industry does need to do more to draw Hispanic families to the resorts, there are already some key factors that make that easier than with other multicultural groups.

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New Luxury Car

Reaching Hispanic Car Buyers

Each market is different, even when looking at the Hispanic market.  The local market in Miami is quite different than the markets in San Francisco, New York or any other.  There are numerous factors including language (Spanish versus English), to cultural backgrounds and differences in country of origin or individuals or family (U.S. born, 3rd generation is different from 1st generation family recently arriving from Guatemala) can be significantly different.  These are the details that local/regional dealerships understand.

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More Latinos Are Going to College, But In Small Number of Schools

While more Latinos are heading to college than ever before, that trend is not increasing uniformly throughout all U.S. colleges,

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IRI Examines New Product Purchasing Habits of U.S. Hispanic Shoppers

The Hispanic community is the fastest-growing ethnic group in the nation and spends more than $94.7 billion on CPG products annually. Because Hispanics are one of the most sought-after ethnic groups in the retail grocery market, IRI is diving deeper into last year’s most successful CPG launches to better understand Hispanics and New Product Pacesetters.

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Brands that Score Big Reaching Hispanics During the World Cup

As one of the world’s largest sporting events, the World Cup serves as an incredibly effective communications platform spanning across all languages.

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