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Brands that Score Big Reaching Hispanics During the World Cup

As one of the world’s largest sporting events, the World Cup serves as an incredibly effective communications platform spanning across all languages.

When It Comes To The Language Of Fútbol, Hispanic Americans Know It Best

While Americans have their own special moniker for it, the sport has certainly made its own imprint in the U.S. Soccer’s influence and power in the world of televised sports is no exception.

US Hispanics

Let’s talk about US Hispanics

We found this interesting video about US Hispanics and we would like to share it with you.

Poet’s Pacific paradise: Pablo Neruda’s homes in Chile

As a new film about Pablo Neruda gets a UK release, we visit two of the Pacific-facing homes where the poet found inspiration: Isla Negra and the ‘crazy port’ of Valparaíso Announces Launch of Financial Platform for Latinos in the United States

Now the Latino community in the United States has a platform in Spanish that educates on what to keep in mind when selecting banking services.

canary in the coal mine Venezuala is in trouble

Asylum applications – canary in the coal mine

With the Venezuela elections and other pending elections throughout Latin America, the spotlight is on the numerous challenges facing the region.  To see the ripple effect of instability one need look no further than asylum applications and immigration numbers to see which countries are in the most trouble.

Top 5 Travel Destinations for Latin Americans Within the US.

US is a country made of diversity; one can find people from around the world in just one nation, no…

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Planning to travel to South America? What about the North of Chile?

The diversity of Chilean geography is known worldwide and this particularity will give you the…

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The Chilean Independence process

The Chilean liberation process began in 1810, a difficult period that ended in 1818 with the…

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Mexican Independence Day

Cinco de Mayo, a popular holiday celebrated in the United States, is often confused with the…

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