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World Cup 2022 | Qatar & Latin American Travelers

At least five Latin American teams will be competing in the tournament along with 25 other nations.
Despite the instability of the world economy, and the unfavorable exchange rates of Latin American countries to travel, it is precisely the fans of these countries who are at the top of the ticket purchase list for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Travel Insights: U.S. Hispanics to Latin America

The Hispanic market represents an important and growing segment of the tourism industry, but it remains untapped. Several factors make the Hispanic market a broader focus for international airline networks and travel agents, representing a great opportunity for business development in the tourism industry:

Importance of Voters with Latin American roots on U.S. elections

And it is that the growth of the Hispanic population is a key factor not only in the changes of racial and ethnic diversity in the United States, but also in what it means for the Latino population to have more influence on policy decisions.

Latin America’s Electoral Agenda for 2022

Latin America’s Electoral Agenda for 2022. What’s happening with next elections in Latin American countries.

International Day of Indigenous Women

September 5th is Internacional Day of Indigenous Women, commemorating Bartolina Sisa, who was a brave Peruvian indigenous heroine.

2021 Copa America: A Great Opportunity to Advertise

The opening event of the 2021 Copa America will take place on June 13, and the grand finale will be played on July 10 at the historic stadium Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

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