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International Day of Indigenous Women

September 5th is Internacional Day of Indigenous Women, commemorating Bartolina Sisa, who was a brave Peruvian indigenous heroine.

2021 Copa America: A Great Opportunity to Advertise

The opening event of the 2021 Copa America will take place on June 13, and the grand finale will be played on July 10 at the historic stadium Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

Latin America’s Electoral Agenda for 2020-2021

Latin America’s Electoral Agenda for 2020-2021. What’s happening with next elections in Latin American countries.

Latin American countries that allow remote vote

Remote vote in Latin America: Learn about the different realities of each country during election times.

6 Famous Latinos That “Don’t Look Latino”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a variation of “You don’t look Latina/Hispanic/Mexican.”

The Guarani Farming System Inside the Jungle

The Guarani had a farming system that required frequent moves. Their farm fields were located inside the jungle, sheltered from the winds.

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Where, when and how: Copa América 2019

Where, when and how: Copa América 2019

June just arrived and also the Copa América 2019. That’s right, the start of this popular event will be at the Morumbí Stadium in Sao Paulo

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