Reach Hispanic is about News & information related to multicultural marketing across digital platforms. U.S. Hispanic segment as well as Latin America are keys to the success of many agencies and their brands.

How universities are recruiting new students with Immersive Marketing

Immersive Marketing using 360-degree video ads is a key to promote outstanding University facilities, world class teaching, or a vibrant community. Universities can showcase their establishment and capture the essence of what it is like to visit in person. Immersive technologies will fit in this challenge.

U.S. Hispanics and mobile growth

According to Roberto Orci “Hispanics of every segment are growing at a faster rate than the general market... you would rightly conclude that Hispanics are a big part of the mobile market today and tomorrow.’’

SafeLink program: FREE minutes, text & data

Through SafeLink low income families have access to FREE minutes and data through this government program.

U.S. Census Bureau | American Community Survey

The American Community Survey which is an ongoing survey that can work in conjunction with the Census data to see changes in the characteristics of the population of the United States.

Portada Miami | April 18-19 2018

The 10th annual edition of Portada Miami (April 18-19 2018) to discuss how brands across the Americas are taking back control.

5 Ways To Reach Hispanics During Hispanic Heritage Month

With Hispanic Heritage Month in full swing, which runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 and coincides with the Independence Days of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, here are five places brands should consider in order to connect with the Hispanic community and build brand loyalty.

When It Comes To The Language Of Fútbol, Hispanic Americans Know It Best

While Americans have their own special moniker for it, the sport has certainly made its own imprint…

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US Hispanics

Let’s talk about US Hispanics

We found this interesting video about US Hispanics and we would like to share it with you.

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Poet’s Pacific paradise: Pablo Neruda’s homes in Chile

As a new film about Pablo Neruda gets a UK release, we visit two of the Pacific-facing homes where…

Read More Announces Launch of Financial Platform for Latinos in the United States

Now the Latino community in the United States has a platform in Spanish that educates on what to…

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