Today is Tequila Day, 4 recipes to celebrate this day

Everybody knows that Tequila is from México but probably, not everybody knows that tequila is an alcohol distilled from the agave plant.

Latinos in the next U.S. presidential election

During this 2020 Elections, near 32 million Latinos was the projection to be eligible to vote, according to Pew Research. Could they move the balance?

Marketing Cannabis: Hispanic Views on Marijuana

As the legal cannabis industry continues its rapid rise, there’s an interesting statistic that’s catching the attention of digital cannabis marketers and multicultural groups alike. It’s recently been revealed that Hispanics are more likely than nearly any other ethnic group to consume cannabis products or support cannabis legalization efforts.

Travel Advertising in North America

Travel industry is one of the most important engines of the economy for any country, particularly, because it moves many other businesses and industries at the same time and is a primary driver of economic growth and job creation in the United States.

Hispanic Health Insurance Roulette

Health Insurance for the Hispanic | Latino Segment
As health insurance companies as well as government health exchanges compete across the country for enrollment, multicultural and specifically the Hispanic audience is key

Hispanic Voters Take Over

32 Million Eligible Hispanic Voters for 2020 – making this group potentially the most influential racial or ethnic minority group in the electorate.

IRI Examines New Product Purchasing Habits of U.S. Hispanic Shoppers

IRI Examines New Product Purchasing Habits of U.S. Hispanic Shoppers

The Hispanic community is the fastest-growing ethnic group in the nation and spends more than $94.7 billion on CPG products annually. Because Hispanics are one of the most sought-after ethnic groups in the retail grocery market, IRI is diving deeper into last year’s most successful CPG launches to better understand Hispanics and New Product Pacesetters.

New Research Shows How to Connect With U.S. Hispanics Online

The opportunities to reach U.S. Hispanics, one of the fastest growing groups of super consumers, have been largely untapped—until now. New research into the online behavior and preferences of this audience provides insight into how to connect with them. And it all starts with mobile and culture.

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