The challenge to promote a travel destination

Jun 18, 2019

The challenge to promote a travel destination

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Marketing, Travel

After 8 years working in tourism and marketing, I know how difficult is to promote a travel destinations. It’s not complicate, the hard part is how to differentiate from your competitors.

This challenge will affect from small travel businesses (hotels owners, restaurants, etc.) to the efforts that government agencies are doing to seduce more travelers to go to their countries. But again, probably the main barrier is the way you make a remarkable differentiation from others.

While not an official video, sometimes a video skit can offer potential solutions to creative marketing.  Of course there can be challenges going to this extreme,  it is at least entertaining.

An example about it is this, a video about Guatemala. It’s simple and actually, funny. It’s because their country is pretty similar than Costa Rica but most of the people prefer to visit this country instead of Guatemala. For sure, from the Guatemaltecos perspective, this is not true but travelers have a different opinion.

How Guatemala is facing this? Creativity and a direct message. The following video is an example how Guatemala is creating a notable differentiation in terms of marketing.

As you can see, Guatemala is using a pretty clear and honest message; telling in simple words to potential tourist why they should choose them.

Soon, we will upload others examples about how marketers are innovating in the travel industry.



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