The travel industry is one of the most important engines of the economy for any country. Travel affects many other businesses and industries at the same time and is a primary driver of economic growth and job creation in the United States.

Here is where Marketing plays a key role. The hospitality industry is mostly made up of tourism so a consistent brand identity is also very essential. Marketers have to ensure that brand awareness exists so that customers will use their services repeatedly. If the marketers are successful, they are helping to create a massive economic engine.

Let us show you some highlights.

  • According to Sojern “Travel is one of the largest industries in North America with regard to ad spend, with approximately $10.86 billion”
  • Digital will be a key factor, according to the same source,  “$6.79 billion being spent on digital media in the US and Canada respectively.”

From the digital channel perspective, social and paid search will be the most used sources of traffic for travel businesses. What is interesting here is Programmatic Display, Connected TV and Audio.


Interesting facts

Another interesting fact for 2020 will be How Travel Marketers will Plan Campaigns. 52% will create Always-On campaign, 22% of them will set Special Offers and 26% a Seasonal or Quarterly Campaign. In other words, the supremacy of the Awareness Campaign will lead the planning. What are the benefits to have an Always-On campaign? Well, in the first place because the travelers need more time to decide since there are thousand of alternatives to travel. In second place, marketers can analyze better the behavior of the travelers in the purchasing process. Short or spot campaigns are difficult to analyze and get insights because there is not enough data or time to do some tests. Long term campaigns allow to gather more valuable data and give extra time to validate more tests.


Finally, from the emerging tech advertising, during 2020 will appear new players: interactive video and machine learning. The 360-degree video ads fro travel is on the map, let me show you an example.



The previous video test was provided by Virtualmerse, a company specialized in 360-degree advertising.

For sure, the emerging tech will play an important role during 2020, maybe without a considerable budget but it’s a good start.

Eduardo Reyes


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